Net Worth

Mark Ruffalo

He has a monthly Income of more than $0.3 Million and yearly Income more than $3 Million.

He gradually increased her net worth from $21 Million(in 2017) to $33 Million(in 2021). Now he has a net worth of $35 million in 2022.

He lives in his lavish mansion of $4 Million in Brooklyn and also has a Golden State in the Hollywood Hills, which was on the market in April 2020 for $3 million.

His garage has Toyota Land Cruiser ($85,665), Mercedes-Benz S-Class ($111,000), Audi Q7 ($65,000), Tesla Model S ($90,000), BMW i3 ($44,450), and Volvo Station Wagon ($46,200).

American actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo is known for his work in Kenneth Lonergan's play This Is Our Youth (1998) and the drama film You Can Count on Me (2000).

Mark Ruffalo's movie career started with low-profile roles in The Dentist (1996), Safe Men (1998), and Ang Lee's Ride With The Devil (1999).

Mark appeared on the most popular and amazing platform of  Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2008’s American superhero film The Incredible Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk is that form of Bruce Banner that not only makes him more aggressive than before, but he also has a bigger body and is also green in color

Currently, Mark Ruffalo is 54 years old as he was born on 22 November 1967 in  Kenosha, US.