Bett Goldstein | MCU 

Bett Goldstein is a British actor, comedian, and writer who is best known for his role as 'Hercules' in MCU.

In Thor: Love and Thunder movie of 2022 Marvel Cinematic Universe Bett Goldstein acted as Mighty Hercules.

Bett Goldstein is better known for writing and starring in the Apple TV+  and sports comedy series Ted Lasso.  

Talking about awards Bett Goldstein has won two Primetime Emmy Awards and A Critics' Choice Television Award. 

Bett Goldstein's earlier movies before MCU are SuperBob, Derek, Soulmates, Adult Life Skills, and more. 

Bett Goldstein was born on 17 July 1980 (42 years old) and may come in upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies.

Bett Goldstein (Hercules in the MCU) has a net worth of $5 Million. 

Ely Calil (Lebanese businessman) and Constantia rapper are the parents of Bett Goldstein.

Marital status Brett Goldstein is unmarried but currently, he’s dating British comedian Beth Rylance.