Anthony Mackie Net Worth  

 Anthony Mackie is an American actor. He phenomenal work in acting.

Most of his earnings come from films, but most of his family income comes from his real estate business.

Anthony Mackie is said to charge one to five million dollars per movie and 200,000 dollars for doing any TV show.

Anthony Mackie has been emailing Marvel Studios continue for the last five years. After that, he got the role of superhero.

Anthony Mackie has a net worth of about $10 Million and him and monthly Income $2,00,000 +.

Anthony mackie at the age of less than twenty, he had set up his own record label, which he used to give opportunities to local talent.

Anthony Mackie can be said clearly that even if he was not acting, he is still a rich man.

Anthony Mackie has so far worked in films that have been nominated for the Oscar in the category of Best Film.

Anthony Mackie did not have a recording studio, so he converted his garage into a recording studio.

The house in which he lives is said to be worth around eleven million dollars.