Marvel’s 2099 Universe: A Cyberpunk Revival Set for Summer 2024

Marvel's 2099 Universe A Cyberpunk Revival Set for Summer 2024

A New Dawn for 2099

Marvel Comics is gearing up for an exhilarating revival of its 2099 universe in the summer of 2024. This anticipated relaunch comes on the heels of the 30th anniversary of the 2099 imprint, marked by the release of a new Spider-Man 2099 series spearheaded by writer Steve Orlando.

The latest series has delved into an array of Marvel monsters, each adding a unique twist to the futuristic landscape of 2099.

Final Issue of Miguel O’Hara: Spider-Man 2099

The final issue of “Miguel O’Hara: Spider-Man 2099” just hit the shelves, wrapping up its current narrative. The collaborative effort by Steve Orlando, Stefano Raffaele, Raúl Angulo, and VC’s Cory Petit showcases Spider-Man 2099 battling Man-Thing 2099, continuing the tradition of introducing Marvel monsters in every issue.

The climactic battle against the Pixel corporation concludes with a promise: “Miguel O’Hara Will Return!” This sets the stage for the expansive relaunch of the 2099 universe.

Marvel Monsters and the Cyberpunk Future

In a conversation with, Steve Orlando elaborated on his vision for the 2099 universe. Inspired by the raw and brutal Marvel horror of the 1990s, Orlando aimed to inject a sense of extreme horror into the cyberpunk future of 2099.

This new direction is a nod to the era when characters like the Scarecrow were front and center in the Marvel narrative…

What’s Next for 2099?

While specific details about the relaunch remain under wraps, Marvel has hinted at an event that could integrate new and classic characters from the 2099 universe.

The original 2099 lineup included iconic names like Punisher 2099, Hulk 2099, and X-Men 2099, each bringing a unique flair to this dystopian future. The upcoming summer series is expected to expand on this universe, potentially reshaping the Marvel landscape.

Closing Thoughts

The 2099 universe, first introduced in the early 90s, represents a bold and imaginative take on the future of Marvel’s iconic characters. As we anticipate the summer 2024 launch, fans are eager to see how this revival will honor the past while charting new courses in storytelling.

Whether it’s through the lens of cyberpunk aesthetics, horror elements, or new character arcs, Marvel’s 2099 universe is poised for a groundbreaking

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