Black Panther Film

Black Panther Film | Black Panther 2018 Movie

Black Panther Film: Black Panther is an American superhero movie based on the Marvel comic character of the same name. Black Panther Film is written-directed by Ryan Coogler and produced by Kevin Feige.

The movie Black Panther has been rated PG-13 for the content shown in the film. If you are a fan of Marvel movies or in general you like superhero movies, then you should definitely read the article about Marvel Movies in Order to Watch here.

The Plot of the Movie

The movie is set after the events of Captain America: Civil War. In this movie, T’Challa returns to his native place and now he is the king here after the demise of his father. Here, it is shown what T’Challa did in order to fulfill his duties as Black Panther and the king of his people.

Later, in the movie, T’Challa finds himself in a conflict in which the fate of his kingdom and the world seems to be at risk. Now, it becomes the duty of Black Panther to fight the evil and save the world from their plans.

Black Panther Film  | Black Panther 2018 Movie
Black Panther Film | Black Panther 2018 Movie

Black Panther Film Marketing

At a press event in the month of April 2017, Marvel revealed some early clips and concept art of the movie. In this event, Kyle Buchanan was seen praising the work of the cinematographer of the film along with costume and set design by saying “Black Panther doesn’t look like any of the other Marvel movies. If this is what the future of superhero movies looks like, deal me in.”


The world premiere of the movie was organized on January 29, 2018, and the location was Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The world premiere features a purple carpet that was seen flanked by women dressed as Dora Milaje. The other cast of the movie was seen wearing African clothing.

Black Panther was released in the UK, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on February 13, 2018. Talking about its United States release, it was released on February 16, 2018.

Black Panther Film Development

The announcement of making the movie Black Panther was made in the month of June 1992 by Wesley Snipes. He said he will start working on this movie by August. Wesley believed that Africa is presented poorly in the movie of Hollywood. In January 1994, Wesley decided to meet Stan Lee to discuss the movie.

However, due to some reasons, the film was not started till January 1996. Talking about the movie and why they are not working on it, Stan Lee replied that he is not liking that script and wanted the script to be more clear.

“We’ve yet to have a major Black comic book hero on the screen. Especially the Black Panther, which is such a rich, interesting life. It’s a dream come true to originate something that,” said Wesley Snipes.

Black Panther Film Casting

Following is the list of the star cast of the movie along with the names of the characters portrayed by them:

Black Panther Film  | Black Panther 2018 Movie
Black Panther Film | Black Panther 2018 Movie
  • Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa / Black Panther
  • Michael B. Jordan as N’Jadaka / Erik “Killmonger” Stevens
  • Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia
  • Danai Gurira as Okoye
  • Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross
  • Daniel Kaluuya as W’Kabi
  • Letitia Wright as Shuri
  • Winston Duke as M’Baku
  • Angela Bassett as Ramonda
  • Forest Whitaker as Zuri
  • Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue

Box Office Collection of Black Panther Film

The movie Black Panther was produced with a budget of  $200 million. Talking about its box office collection, the movie generated a whopping amount of $1.347 billion worldwide. In Canada and North America only, the movie managed to earn $700.1 million and $646.9 million from other territories.


The principal photography of the movie started on January 21, 2017, with the working title Motherland. The initial photography took place at EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Atlanta metropolitan area. Some part of the movie was also filmed at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. The cinematography of the movie was done by Rachel Morrison.

Critical Response to Black Panther Film

In IMDB, the movie has been rated 8.3 out of 10. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is considered to be 96% fresh. Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU’s most absorbing stories—and introducing some of its most fully realized characters,” said the website’s consensus.


The editing of the movie was done by Michael Shawver and Debbie Berman. However, Michael spent some time on the set during filming time also. Berman joined the movie at the time when the initial director’s cut was done. While talking about the movie, Micheal said that while editing the movie, they spent a lot of time discussing how their work was affecting the audience.

Black Panther Film Music

The film’s curated soundtrack named Black Panther: The Album was produced by Kendrick Lamar along with Anthony Tiffith the founder of Top Dawg Entertainment. For this movie, Goransson collaborated with Lamar and made Sounwave.

Black Panther Film  | Black Panther 2018 Movie
Black Panther Film | Black Panther 2018 Movie

Do You Know?

Following are some of the hidden facts about the Black Panther Film:

  • In this movie, the color blue is used to represent danger.
  • In one of the scenes of the film, the shirt worn by Shuri features the Adinkra symbol for “purpose”.
  • In the post-credit scene of the movie, Wakandan kids are seen calling Bucky “white wolf”.
  • In the comic, Killonger is not related to Black Panther.
  • Young T’Challa was played by the real son of John Kani.

Black Panther is one of the great movies coming from the house of MCU. The pace with which the movie proceeds is just perfect. While watching the movie, you will never feel bored. The movie is blessed with a great team of actors and a great storyline. However, to some viewers, the film might feel quite disappointing.

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